My greeting

Dishes in the sink, fabric piling up, cat hair on my clothes-all is well in my world!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Molly is done and other stuff…

 Here are pics of Molly's progress- main color pieces
 Adding more dimension
 Placing on background and adding threadwork detail
 Molly is complete!
 Sidney is coming along- I just need to add threadwork detail and binding
 Reeses is coming along too!
Of course beautiful Josie has found a box she loves- lined with fleece, so it's very cozy!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


 Finished owl ornaments!
 My old machine is kaput so here is my new baby! I've always had Bernina but have gone to a Pfaff- highly recommended to me and I got a stinkin deal! I sews like a dream- I just have to get used to the new set up on this.
 Kitty in progress- here's the tracing which is a mirror image of how it will really turn out

 Starting detail-
 More detail- this is as far as I got so far!
 Doggies in progress-tracing and notice my helper! She helps make the process longer with her cuteness!
 Here are two "vintage" quilts I'm making for someone- old photos transfered onto fabric with fabric frame
 More detail on both-
just have to add buttons and some detail.

So now I end this post and get back to sewing!