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Dishes in the sink, fabric piling up, cat hair on my clothes-all is well in my world!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Versatile Blogger

I want to thank my friend Sarah at for the Versatile Blogger Award. She encouraged me from the start to do this and I have enjoyed it greatly. It's always fun when I get comments from my friends but also when I hear from a new voice out in the cosmos!

The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are:
1-Add the award to your blog
2-Thank the blogger who gave it to you
3-Mention seven random things about yourself
4-List the rules
5-Award to 15 bloggers
6-Inform each of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog

OK, seven random things about myself. Hmmmmmm......
1-I have a degree in Animal Health Technology but since I didn't want to live with my parents for the rest of my life (the pay sucks) I went back to school for Graphic Design
2- I have a tattoo- no I did not get it in my 20's, nor was I intoxicated!
3-I am a homebody. I do go places but I'd much rather be in my "nest"
4-I'm a horrible domestic diva. With 3 furry ones and so much fabric and yarn, I'm always fuzzy anyway
5-I love the old TV series The X-files and am currently on the last season. I intend to start all over again and listen to the "comments" the second time
6-I can swing a hammer, install insulation, paint ceilings- I used to have a 100 year old house that needed lots of work but didn't have the budget to hire out much. So I learned from my dad who is a master carpenter.
7-I would go to the movies every night if I could.

My bloggers will be informed shortly. I need to get a list together!
Thanks again Sarah!

Catching up on Projects

 Two weeks ago - kind of at the last minute- I was invited to take someone's place at a quilt retreat at Chautauqua Institute. Four days of sewing, fun and food. Who could say no? So I dropped everything, packed my projects and went. I got so much done! This top picture is of the HUGE hotel down there, it sort of felt a little like "The Shining" at this time of year. It was totally silent.
 It's very harsh in winter right by the water so a lot of property owners have custom canvas wraps made for their "cottages". Did I mention people have money who have property here.
 I sewed like a fiend and got the entire top made for my raffle quilt for Paws and Claws! That pudgy black furball is Thelma who thought that spreading the quilt out was her own private playground! Now I just have to piece a back and take it to my friend who has volunteered to quilt this gargantuan thing (it's Queen size!) I had a whiskey sour after I got this done!
 I then started making trivits out of wrapped clothesline. I was always fascinated that this stuff sews like butter- I have never had a problem with this!
 A bit of knitting- this cowl kit was a christmas gift and there are three of us making these. I didn't want to be a slacker and not have any done so got a few inches started- it's beautiful soft, soft variagated yarn.
 I made one of these sweaters about 5 years ago and always loved it so decided  to make another one. There are about 5 of us working on these. I am hoping when everyone is done I can get a group picture. They are all turning out very different. Below is the start of mine.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

George is done!

George is done! What a gorgeous fellow! I've never had a cat with real long hair- 
I hope he likes to be brushed!