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Dishes in the sink, fabric piling up, cat hair on my clothes-all is well in my world!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Josie-Pics of the week

So things are starting to settle down at Kitty Central! Everyone seems to be calming down a little although there is still some hissing going on! I am certain each day will bring the LOOOOVVVEEEE!
Here are some pics -
 Josie on the love seat, Thelma on the back of the chair
 Josie and Louise on the table together and Louise is getting a snack!
 Another shot of Josie and Thelma- love black kitties!
I got an e-mail with this image in it and I just thought it was hysterical- it makes me laugh! Maybe because I had hamsters for years and they are adorable!

Monday, August 29, 2011

2 Sweet Kitties

I also had the joy of doing two sweet kitties who's names are Lucy and Leo! Their mom made a $100 donation to Buffalo Paws and Claws and had them made into a fabric version of themselves!

They were fun to do! Here is their story:

Mr T

So you've seen the progression of Mr T and now he is done!
 The real Mr T
My version of this sweet boy-here is his story:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Josie pic of the week- for Dawn

For you Dawn- I'm going to post a picture of Josie each week. Here she is lounging on the couch-
So if you've gone to the website for Buffalo Paws and Claws you know I am making quilts for anyone who donates $100. Here are some pix of Mr T, a beautiful Rottweiler. It isn't finished yet but I'm getting there!. When he is done I will post the finished quilt and his story.
 Tracing Mr.T
 Picking the right fabrics is the trick!
 And of course having a good inspector-
 He's starting to look good!
Now I have to do all the stitching then he will be done!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meet Josie

Josie is my newest kid! She is such a sweetie! Josie had been through a lot in her 7 years-surgeries, cancer, and moving around a bit. She came from Buffalo Paws and Claws and is so dear. Jack loves her, Louise is getting to know her and Thelma, well, Thelma is being a little snotty! But I have no doubt she will come around and they will be "buds".
 Josie lounging
Louise is peeking around the corner…

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meet Thelma

You've met Jack and Louise, so now meet Thelma! Thelma is Louise's sister even though they don't look anything alike. And very different personalities! Thelma likes to nap about 18 hours a day, eat, get rubbed a little and them go nap. Louise, I am convinced, hardly sleeps!
 Thelma likes to lay on her back with her legs all in the air
A rare moment -Thelma and Louise together- they usually don't snuggle! Of course they are laying on my sewing stuff!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet Jack

This is Jack. He is a long-haired Chihuahua that my ex-husband gave me as a gift. The marriage lasted 8 years. Jack has lasted 13 and going strong! Yes, he's getting hard of hearing, yes, he has accidents, yes, he's totALLY CUTe! ( Louise is on my keyboard again!) Nowadays Jack is just happy to eat, poop, and nap.
Tomorrow Josie is coming to live with us. Josie is a kitty from Buffalo Paws and Claws who just had her leg amputated because of cancer. She is doing fine now and hopefully everyone will get along! I keep telling them they have to be nice- but- ya know-

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Whiskerfest

Here are some pictures from Sunday.I really had so much fun- everyone involved was so creative and generous- it makes me feel proud to know these people!
 I know this is blurry (my camera acted up) but I had to show my great apron my friend Susie made!
 Dawn and her daughter- her felted animals are so lifelike!
 Elizabeth and her beautiful handmade lampwork beads
 Liz and Ina concentrating on all those stitches!
 Awesome Sara and her gorgeous jewelry
Sue and Mary- the dynamic duo of sisters- taking names and kicking butt

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Whiskerfest 2011

Well, after months of planning, etc, Whiskerfest happened this past weekend!
It was a wonderful mix of friends, art and generosity. We raised $2700.00 for Buffalo Paws and Claws Animal Shelter! I don't even know where to begin to thanks all the amazing volunteers and artists!
Here are some pix of the event. I'll post more later-
 Beth had amazing fiber art
 Ina as always had loads of great gifts-I bought one of the birds (at the top of picture)
 Jackie had all her hand-dyed outfits-gorgeous!
 Maxie made chocolates, fish beds for cats, kitty overnight bags- she never sleeps!
 Fabulous Michelle and her entourage
Sara had very unique jewelry- this was a bird skull embellished with metal-way cool!