My greeting

Dishes in the sink, fabric piling up, cat hair on my clothes-all is well in my world!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Josie and the unfinished project

Josie had fun this week chasing kitty toys- she especially likes these pom-pom creatures!

And now- Ode to the Unfinished Project
Oh project sitting on my table,
Some day I will finish you when I am able.
Frustration, frustration to not getting you done,
Where the time goes…and I'm not having fun!
I'll just have to let the dishes be dirty,
So then I can go make something "purty"!
 Unfinished baby quilt- need by November- OK, there's some time there
 Bag of donated cat fabric- future raffle quilt to raise funds for Paws and Claws Animal Rescue
 This IS finished but I dropped two stitches and have to fix it before I can wear it!
 Fell asleep during this- but a great DVD! I love peyote bead stitch! Gotta watch again…
 Unfinished table runner- YIKES! Need this Monday!
Butt -ugly yarn challenge- I'm going to make a rug- and I have a year to do it! 
Inspector Louise says-"We'll see if that gets done!"

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Josie Pic of the Week

Welcome to Casa de Kitty! Josie decided to chase everyone this week- cooler weather? Wanting to play?
This three-legged wonder doesn't let anything slow her down!
 Josie was curious about this adorable pincushion I got on Artfire
 This is sooo cute! I don't think I can use it- I'll just look at it!
Of course inspector Louise is still on the job making sure I make this table runner correctly!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Josie- Pic of the week and Louise too!

OK, so this week has been INSANE! Where are the men with the white coats? And I've been passing out and sleeping like a log! I NEVER wake up with the alarm, I always wake up before- it must be the start of hybernation?!
Anyway, here is my beautiful Josie. Things are running smoothly, although I'd LOVE to have a kiddie cam at work and see what goes on in the apartment during the day!
 Josie LOVES home grown cat nip-munch, munch, munch
"What-oh, you want those pieces of fabric I'm laying on? I'll think about it"