My greeting

Dishes in the sink, fabric piling up, cat hair on my clothes-all is well in my world!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Very Merry to Everyone

 A view out my window- fall leaves are gone and the white stuff is starting to show up!
 The barn is looking good with a blanket of white
 Louise helped me put my little tree up…and then promptly knocked it to the floor!
 A few more projects finished for the holidays- this is Chico
 And here is Chico finished!
 Reeses and friend in progress- love my new machine!
 Reeses and friend finished! Both these dogs were rescued and in return rescued the humans who adopted them! 
This is a christmas gift that won't be done for christmas but soon! It is bigger than I usually do but I thought it needed to have some drama!

To anyone who reads this- A Very Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Molly is done and other stuff…

 Here are pics of Molly's progress- main color pieces
 Adding more dimension
 Placing on background and adding threadwork detail
 Molly is complete!
 Sidney is coming along- I just need to add threadwork detail and binding
 Reeses is coming along too!
Of course beautiful Josie has found a box she loves- lined with fleece, so it's very cozy!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


 Finished owl ornaments!
 My old machine is kaput so here is my new baby! I've always had Bernina but have gone to a Pfaff- highly recommended to me and I got a stinkin deal! I sews like a dream- I just have to get used to the new set up on this.
 Kitty in progress- here's the tracing which is a mirror image of how it will really turn out

 Starting detail-
 More detail- this is as far as I got so far!
 Doggies in progress-tracing and notice my helper! She helps make the process longer with her cuteness!
 Here are two "vintage" quilts I'm making for someone- old photos transfered onto fabric with fabric frame
 More detail on both-
just have to add buttons and some detail.

So now I end this post and get back to sewing!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Farewell to summer

This time of year I get a little melancholy- everything is shifting to winter and we all know what that brings! I used to look at winter as, well, I hated it! But now I try to look at it as an opportunity. Things slow down- at least after the holidays- and I hybernate and work on projects!
 "We only part to meet again"  John Gay
 My Christmas cactus is blooming!
 Josie is doing great! Love the tail draped up the back of the couch.
 I finished the baby blanket I was making!
 I left my project bag on the couch for 30 seconds and came back, and guess who had claimed it!
 I'm making some owl ornaments out of styrofoam pieces- need to do something with the eyes

The next few weeks will be very busy- I have 4 donation quilts to make so will post in -progress pix!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chicago and no pix!

So I'm back from Chicago-still bone-tired because it was a whirlwind trip!
Forgot my camera so will just say:
Deep dish pizza is delish and one slice is a meal!
Driving in the rain for hours just,
Bob Chinns Crab House is fabulous and had THE best waitress ever!
The people I met were warm and friendly…
Lots of chuckles with great friend.

And on that note I am off to bed so I can be perkier tomorrow than today!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A quick word

No pics- just been very busy and am bone- tired.
I am going to Chicago this weekend with some friends. I am planning on taking pictures so I have something other than my beautiful kitties to put on here! I mean- I never get sick of kitty pictures but sometimes ya just gotta mix it up a little!
good week to everyone who reads this.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Josie and other stuff

I'm a bit late with Josies pic of the week- it was a little busy this weekend & I got behind.
One of the places I went was at the Erie County Fairgrounds. They had a PetExpo- lots of beautiful puppies, kitties, cats and dogs for adoption! Fun stuff for your pets too! Jack can attest to that- he got a peanut butter bone! Future project- I'm going to try to come up with a pet bed for the cages so kitties can feel more comfortable but you can still see them.
Here's Josie for this week- she loves lounging…and eating!
From my unfinished projects-
I finished my tablerunner! Just don't look too close at the stitching! Had a few problems with tension- oh, well.
The next two pictures are raffle quilts that my friend Claudia made and donated to raise money for Buffalo Paws and Claws. They turned out SSSSSooOOO cute! They were in her quilt shop - The Quilter's Daughter in Perry Center , NY for a while and now they are going to another shop in East Aurora- Carriage Quilt Shoppe.
I an honored to know such generous and caring people who support my fundraising efforts- I could not do it with out them!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Josie and the unfinished project

Josie had fun this week chasing kitty toys- she especially likes these pom-pom creatures!

And now- Ode to the Unfinished Project
Oh project sitting on my table,
Some day I will finish you when I am able.
Frustration, frustration to not getting you done,
Where the time goes…and I'm not having fun!
I'll just have to let the dishes be dirty,
So then I can go make something "purty"!
 Unfinished baby quilt- need by November- OK, there's some time there
 Bag of donated cat fabric- future raffle quilt to raise funds for Paws and Claws Animal Rescue
 This IS finished but I dropped two stitches and have to fix it before I can wear it!
 Fell asleep during this- but a great DVD! I love peyote bead stitch! Gotta watch again…
 Unfinished table runner- YIKES! Need this Monday!
Butt -ugly yarn challenge- I'm going to make a rug- and I have a year to do it! 
Inspector Louise says-"We'll see if that gets done!"

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Josie Pic of the Week

Welcome to Casa de Kitty! Josie decided to chase everyone this week- cooler weather? Wanting to play?
This three-legged wonder doesn't let anything slow her down!
 Josie was curious about this adorable pincushion I got on Artfire
 This is sooo cute! I don't think I can use it- I'll just look at it!
Of course inspector Louise is still on the job making sure I make this table runner correctly!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Josie- Pic of the week and Louise too!

OK, so this week has been INSANE! Where are the men with the white coats? And I've been passing out and sleeping like a log! I NEVER wake up with the alarm, I always wake up before- it must be the start of hybernation?!
Anyway, here is my beautiful Josie. Things are running smoothly, although I'd LOVE to have a kiddie cam at work and see what goes on in the apartment during the day!
 Josie LOVES home grown cat nip-munch, munch, munch
"What-oh, you want those pieces of fabric I'm laying on? I'll think about it"

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Josie-Pics of the week

So things are starting to settle down at Kitty Central! Everyone seems to be calming down a little although there is still some hissing going on! I am certain each day will bring the LOOOOVVVEEEE!
Here are some pics -
 Josie on the love seat, Thelma on the back of the chair
 Josie and Louise on the table together and Louise is getting a snack!
 Another shot of Josie and Thelma- love black kitties!
I got an e-mail with this image in it and I just thought it was hysterical- it makes me laugh! Maybe because I had hamsters for years and they are adorable!